Monday, November 27, 2017

1967 Velocette Scrambler air box (detailed photos)

Ed G asked if I could set a few pictures of the scrambler air filter construction on the blog, so here they be. It is an interesting construction, seems Veloce' was using two standard air boxes and then sandwiching them together. I've included in some of the pictures the 1963 MSS airbox filter.

Scrambler airbox in foreground, MSS behind

Scrambler on left

spotwelds from removed tab?

Detail on intake, note spot welded plates to close up holes

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Velocette MSS, looking for mysterious vibration

Pulled down the top end on the MSS tonight due to a heavy vibration that developed suddenly about 1000 miles back.  On the whole, the engine was running good and strong right up to being pulled apart.  The vibe began at about 70mph and over the period of a couple hundred miles dropped down into the lower speeds.  In the end it would vibrate your feet off the pegs at 45mph.  More interestingly, the vibration was most pronounced with moderately light throttle openings. No real noticeable vibrations at wide open throttle.  In the pictures, you can see light seizure to the piston skirt both front and rear.  Prior to the pull down valve clearance came out to  0.006 in for the intake and 0.007 in for the exhaust.  Lucas mag was set to 36 degrees BTDC with an auto advance unit in place. Carb is a Amal monoblock  with stock jetting.

Oil inspection found metal fillings

Exhaust valve

Intake valve with light deposits


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Porsches at Palmer Motorsport Park October 12th 2016

Back in October I had the great opportunity to check out the Palmer Motorsports Park as a Guest during the gathering of  Air Cooled Porsche Owners.  It was an awesome day out and I took way many pictures. Of the 600 or so pictures and video I shot that day, here be a few for those that enjoy the worlds perfect sports cars.

 At a few points later in the day we had the opportunity to stop on the track and take more pictures.  Do look carefully at some of the back rounds in the photos, the view at the Palmer Motorsports Park is spectacular! Though apologies, as most of my focus was on the Porsches!