Sunday, March 4, 2018

A little more Scrambling

  After a few days of doom and gloom weather reports, New England was still is on the map.  Fighting off the blahs and some depression, I got back into the scrambler.  The magneto was bolted on a few weeks ago, but getting into timing the engine , I feel is one of those events that must be experienced than got through. Timing is the moment that you know where the spark will build the flame wall. its the heart of all you ride on.
In the case of the 67 Scrambler, it has a manual advance unit on the Lucas Magneto.  The first step was to disassemble the old mechanism.  Most everything was wiped down with WD-40 then greased lightly.  The old cable end was formed to fit within the plunger.  I've kept it aside so as to make a replica at a later time. This type of cable end will mean the cable will need to be made with the adjuster housing in place.

The adjuster housing looked to have a fiber washer at the base. Not having the old one or one the right size, I came up with a simple method of wrapping 220 grit sand paper around a socket, then twisting a close fitting fiber washer onto the sand paper. With a little bit of effort the size was a perfect fit.

 It takes a bit of time, to set the timing. I'm always double checking each movement and adjustment.   The first bit was remember which way the engine spins.  Having made the mistake to timing a Velo on the exhaust stroke before, Its a good idea to removed the rocker box and check the rise and fall of both the Intake and Exhaust push rods to find which stroke the engine is on either the exhaust stoke or the power stroke; the power stroke is the one you want for timing.  Most of the Velos I have are happy with 38 to 36 degrees before TDC  (Top Dead Center) even with ethanol. After I'm comfortable with which direction the engine is spinning At that point I'll setup a degree wheel on using the positive stop method.
Not pictured, is the wire indicator pointing to the degree wheel. In this case, I used a coat hanger filed to a point. the Back end was bent into a 'U' shape then clamped down under one of the engine bolt nuts on the right hand side.  After the degree wheel is set, the magneto points are set to open at 36 degrees (full advance: advance lever in its resting position, or closed). I'll test this several times; both with the  advance lever in different positions. When the cigarette paper lightly slides out of the points, it should coincide with the pointer on the timing wheel.

While the cover is off I'll give the rocker adjusters a gap check.
Next step will be to begin cable making for the rest of the controls.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tinkering with the Scrambler

Stealing away some time, I've gotten small things done on the scrambler.  The oil tank has been cleaned and re-filtered.  However, the paint washed off in a small section on the face of the tank.  There is evidence that it might have been re sprayed with aerosol cans in the past.  I've tried my hand at brush painting it with moderate success.  
There were a few observations to note while preparing the oil delivery and return.  On the feed line was a brass shut off which didn't make much sense to me. I've found that most of the time the ball check valve works just fine.  And on those occasions when it wet sumps,when the oil is cold and heavy, it might not be a bad thing.  Just drain it out.   
When Floyd had parked his MAC in the basement for several years it had wet sumped. I wonder if having the crankcase full of oil helped preserve it while being dormant for so long.  Anyways, in the case of the scrambler, the ball valve was missing both the spring and ball. That would explain the brass valve!  The ball seat was quite beveled and and I recalled that when working on the MSS years ago that Ed G mention that the seat needs to have a somewhat sharp face to work properly.  So to the lathe for a quick refacing.
Refaced ball seat

While pulling the old lines from the fittings, I noticed that the clamps were stamped 'CHENEY 00 made in England'  could this be an original clamp?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

1967 Velocette Scrambler Project Continued

Trying to fight off the winter blahs I got back into the Scrambler's reassembly.  With a bit of motivation and positive forward progress maybe we'll hear it this spring. All of the major bits have been serviced (Forks, Engine, gearbox, magneto). So it should be a simple put together?

 While getting back into the dry build, one chore will be making new cables for all of the controls. It was apparent pretty quickly upon mounting the carb that the routing for the throttle and choke cable
have an issue.  The previous carb was a concentric with no choke and the original was a 10TT9. The Monobloc seemed to be a good compromise between the two, other than the routing of the cables.

However both the cruxiform rubber support block and the rear tank tabs interfere with giving the cables a clear shot out of the carb; the choke having the worst of it.  The initial thought is to modify a new support block and dremel off a corner of the tank support.  Hmm, we'll see how it goes.  What would you do?

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Got out to the New Tradition Co-op for their show tonight. Check out some of the cool rides! Great show!