Saturday, July 14, 2018

Colin Lyster Triumph road race frame project

Back a few years ago a good friend gave me this old road race frame. The frame maker was Colin Lyster, and the frame was designed to hold a Triumph engine.  From internet lore Mr. Lyster was known for his frames and his pioneering work on disk brakes.  This particular frame seems to have been design to hold a Triumph engine built by Ed LaBelle, running a set of Ceriani forks fitted with dual disk brakes and some type of rear disk brake setup. Though the rear brake stay mount is on the lower left side of my swingarm.  There are a few pictures floating about of completed machines and even a video.  This frame has the number '5' stamped on the head stock. 

On to the most current day, a few weeks back I traded up a guitar for a Triumph T120R engine. with hopes to mating into the Lyster frame. A one step forward, maybe? The plan is to work on getting a set of forks/wheels/bits on and around this to make it streetable again.  there has been some toying around with the thought of another type of engine. But this has the engine plates already there.  As for the Ceriani dual disk...   waaaaaaay out of the budget at this time. I do however have a 4LS kettle wheel and a set of roadholder forks.   Time will tell, but it would be so cool to hear and feel this on the road.  Its a really light frame.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Its hard to think that we just got out of the winter, fell into Summer and are on our way back into the fall, but it feels like that.  Things get put off for a few days, the next thing you know its a year later. So since the month of June has since passed I thought to put some pictures from events that happened then. Some are pictures from the British Iron Association Spring show, A few are club rides, The BSAOCNE show followed behind the B.I.A this year. And a few pictures from projects.   Nothing is really in any order as such. Just a set of what I think to be some cool pictures.  As always, you can add your comments.

1904 Clement Gladiator?

Cannonballer at BIA show

The start of the Memorial ride - Stone Church

Airheads to the Aerodrome ride

Mike and the Bike

MSS on its way

1976 XLH Project

1967 Scrambler just before first start

Scott Squirrel

New 1996 Daytona 1200 

Award winners from the BIA spring show

Monday, May 28, 2018

Palmer Motorsports Park Veterans Appreciation Day

On Saturday I had a wonderful opportunity to practice some photography skills at Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts.  The Park had teamed up with the Race Cars 4 a Cause organization to host a a Veterans Appreciation Day. Veterans, their families and caregivers as well as the inclusion of several Corvette clubs filled the Park.   The weather was spectacular and everyone that I met was just amazing! I took too many photos to put on line, but here are many of my favorites. Enjoy