Thursday, April 19, 2012

1995 Mz Saxon Country 500 at Moto Market

Tim and his 1995 Mz Saxon Country 500
On my ride from work tonight I thought maybe to swing by Moto Market in Acton on Rt 119.  They sell coffee and apparel but on Thursday nights they have a bike night which I haven't been to in ages. So with a minor uncharted mini tour of the back road of Maynard I found my self into Acton.  There were quite a few Ducatis, a good selection actually. At first I didn't see anybody that recognized off the bat but with a few minutes after taking off my helmet a really good friend came rolling in on a cool Mz. Tim's surprised look when he saw me makes me think that I need to get out more often. Tim is a cool cat with an eye for some fun fun machines and no fear of using them. And running into him tonight was no different as he was sporting a  1995 Mz Country 500 with the rotax engine.  Not your average dual sport thumper but with a 6 gallon tank and wet weight of somewhere around 370 its a potent tool to get things done.  The only thing bad about this machine is that Tim is looking to find a new home for it. Ugh-   This is a cool little find....  maybe if I can find someone that wants my 1971 Yamaha LS2 and a small shuffle of bikes...   Anyways, Great to see you Tim love the bike.

1995 Mz Saxon Country 500

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