Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unveiling of Hannigan R100RT BMW for Shannon

Back in March on the 10th, fired up the Boxer hot rod for a Saturday run into Northern Massachusetts for the unveiling of good friend's revamped motorcycle. He had just returned from a being stationed in Afganistan and all the while overseas another good friend was rebuilding his bike while awaiting his return. Having not seen Shannon for a year or maybe even two, I was not about to miss this event!
 Great run  through the old local New England routes; no traffic, quite roads, very few stop lights and consistant 50 mph speeds.  Temps were in the low 30's but typical for this time of the year a few flurries in the air.  A good 57 mile run up with a some extra miles added on after over shooting the destination by a few towns. Quick notes jotted down on a scrap paper are still my choice for route log. As long as the basics are there you pretty much can find where you need to be, even if its not where you were going.

Most of my run was on Rt56 of which I've spent many years travelling. This hooks into Rt 68, a new journey for the mind. There are many great things to see; a Llama farm, old jalopy garages looking as if time just stopped around them even a flea maket with old rail cars...  gotta come back to that someday! However, someday was about a half hour later as the flea market with the cool rail cars was next to the road I needed. But this gave me a good survey of the land and roads nearby.

It also gave a reason for another zen run up that way and check out this small bar called the Thirsty Turtle. Really with a name like the Thirsty Turtle one wonders...  If anyone is looking for a journey its on 15 Central St, Baldwinville, MA off Rt68.  its got one review online that says they do lunch and breakfast! If my scrap paper travel logbook wasn't doing its thing I might have never seen this place. No GPS for this traveller, I'd rather be the one to make my wayward decisions of  detour.

So back on track, and while looking for the house I spot Vanagon in someone's yard. Vanagons always get my attention.  Now there is a great zen way to travel. You don't get anywhere fast in one but in a way, you get there in style. Nothing like pulling up to your vacation spot for a few days; pop the top, turn the seats around and setup the table...  the bed is upstairs. Yep, vanagons are styling.

By the time my daydreaming has past so has all the house numbers and the street too.  Time to double back and redo it all.  as I get back near the vanagon again I see Chip in the same driveway as he flags me down.  Evendently they heard me and watched me go on by. Made it just in time for the unveiling of the revamped R100RT.

Chip and others have done a stunning job to the Beemer!The R100RT is dressed up with Shannon's Hannigan fairing and Luftmeister Side panier fuel tanks plus fresh paint Shannon wants to ride, and so do I-  let's go! There's a call out to remind us that there food and a party going on as we pull down the drive and on to the street. We take a rip back out to rt68 to clean, sand free roads.
After we rode a few miles Shannon pulls into a parking lot. He motions for me to give his bike a try With some aprehension I jump on the R100RT. This machine is just way too pristene, scary! The ride back was wow-  sweet smooth and quiet machine! Chip and the guys really had outdone themselves. A short but great ride, awesome to be there with Shannon.

When we got back it was time for more tire kicking and conversation... and FOOD! Its also great to see Chip too and he introduces me to a few more people exceptional greetings, Met Alex, Ken, Craig, Robert, Duncan and others. Too bad I have a terrible mind when it comes to remembering people, its just over whelming the details of so many cool people. It seems Craig is working on a BSA Victor project and is into Norton Commandos 750-850. Ken's wife made some awesome Bean Baritos to boot!

Sadly its time to head back home before it gets too dark and cold. While refueling for the return trip home I thought about the day, this was one of those rides that is as perfect as it gets.

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