Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bud's T500 Suzuki

A good friend bought this Suzuki back in 2004. In was a race bike in its previous life somewhere along the line. His intentions are to convert it back for street use. However complications arose and the project ran dreadfully slow. Around the past fall we got to talking about the old Suzuki and a few weeks later it showed up in my home shop. A bit of thinking but not much was done through the winter but now its on the move.

The current front disk will be converted to a revamped old 4LS Suzuki hub for the aesthetic of it. Then all of the usual road going electrics will need to be added but still retaining the visual appeal of the race fairing and tank. A few other minor things will need to be addressed but hopefully by the end of April she'll be out and about.

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