Friday, May 18, 2012

May 17 Bike Night at Moto Market

After work on Thursday I thought it would be nice to give my old KRS a short run. She'd been down for the past two years with a bum timing chain tensioner. It seems as BMW K's are into the old classic status....can't seem to get my head around a 'K' being classic;  that the chain tensioner becomes an issue around 80K miles give or take 10k.  in any case, after replacing the offending part a good run is what was needed to instill faith in the old girls performance. So Duncan and I took a run up to Moto Market.  Here are a few pictures from the night.  Tim F. was there with his Mz Silver Star,  Bud C. was sporting his latest Suzuki SV650 (wheres the Aprillia?) Adam S. rode in on his stunning 1952 BSA B31 with rare Roadark panniers in matching paint. A good time was had by all per usual, and had a great thrash back to the shop to put the KRS away for the night.

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