Friday, November 26, 2010

Some of the shops where I hang daily

Every day is a day within a garage. Be it Automotive repair, Motorcycle repair or home shop.  Hanging out to me is a worthwhile way to spend my life. I will not be a rocket scientist or the President. Some of these environments are hazardous to your health, but the machines; history and an ebb of  the human passion for travel and the people that own them.  It is a vision of motion and time wrapped into one.

 Shine's Foreign Car Care is a wonderful place to ingest the world of German automotive.  Here is where Porsche is number one.  The is no better engineering firm than Porsche, ask the Owner of Shine's.  VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and BMW can always be seen. A common sight is the older Vw as early as the early 60's.  But its not just German cars but other exotic European machinery;  Fiat, Triumph and the occasional MG can be seen.  Some of the most memorable machines are a 1976 Porsche RS and a DeLorean.

           Another establishment is Duncan's Beemers in Maynard, Mass.  for over fifteen years this has been a not so local hangout for me.  Here's a place where you can spend hours feeding the addiction for an old time motorcycle shop.  There are few boundaries within these walls. In later posts we'll give a more detailed view of the inner sanctum of Duncan's Beemers, but let it be said Duncan's Beemers is and always will be an education center.  As it has been established for over twenty years it is also an education of what an old motorcycle shop was and is its own living breathing history. Mind your step those that enter here,  its a time warp and you could get lost for a few hours.

This is my personal workshop for three seasons of the year.  For over forty years this place is hallow to my mind.  It is was here that I began this mechanical journey.  At the age of four,  my father would bring me here to watch him and his friends rebuild and work on Triumphs and MGAs.  This is the place I would first smell gear oil and feel  the cool fall weather of new England in my bones.

The Forth season, the basement hold out;  when all workshops are too far away.  This too is a place deep within my mind.  Many a night I would lie awake with nightmares of machines sitting lonely and neglected in the dark, forgotten. I rather like to keep the past alive as best I can. Please enjoy the pictures.