Sunday, July 31, 2011

1947 Velocette KSS 1:1 scale model

After a short phone call earlier in the week the FedEx dropped several packages from Ed Gilkison's toy shop! I took no time to inspect the content of the boxes. Inside was the beginning of yet another cool Velocette project a 1947 KSS! Ed sent out a set of engine cases, timing chain case with cover, the KSS cylinder head, and a cool MkVIII style oil tank! The learning curve will be in the fabrication of parts for this and that. I've already began the re-evaluation of my shop tools. We'll keep you posted at to the parts and such, stay tuned!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hooligan hardtail powered by a Suzuki GS750

Here are a few pictures of friend's hardtail project he started this winter. The only real expense has been in the front wheel. Everything else is from different scrap piles and cast off bits. Still away to go but its not far off from here. Flip the kill, hit the starter and she spins over just fine- I suspect it would fire off just fine with a splash of fuel. His got some real cool ideas up and coming for the fenders and exhaust.