Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Side Stand Design

Scans from a mad mind.   I usually make it a point to carry folded paper sections with me for when ideas or thoughts hit. It also helps to carry a modified watercolor set too.  Here are a few views of an idea for a self retracting side stand.  the weight of the bike bearing down locks the unit in place.  As the pressure is relieve the internal spring pulls the foot up,  allowing it to be swiveled up out of the way.

Now for a little free time to build a simple prototype.   The concept is for my Hotrod BMW which currently does not have a side stand. The idea would be to attach it to the central bolt of the left cylinder stud, or there about. Maybe this spring?

1 comment:

Bob Friend said...

John, the /5 and the /6 had a self-retracting sidestand that would get you in trouble in a stiff wind