Friday, April 22, 2011

budget Miata racer has heart

I thought today might be a good day to get the Miata into the bay and begin the prep to install the 1.8 engine for this Monday. After looking at that engine sitting on the cart for a few weeks its now got me motivated to hearing it twist again. So into the depth I go.... A few chores needed to be done before it can be installed and then we can get started.The first simple thing is to replace the speedo cable while the engine is out, the easiest time to access it. It pulls out with ease.... too easy, damn. The drive spline is 'missing' and I have a hunch its in the speedo head unit. After a bit of a dash pulling contest I find the remains in the speedo; good thing I gave it a check now. I'm going to leave the dash as it is that way when the battery is installed we can do a bulb check.Next was to install the new clutch slave and braided hose, this does away with the old rubber line and just neatens up the whole install. Every thing goes easy which is a nice change from the speedo!Time to pull over the cart and get started. -
Slow going to get the fit right, a few runs under with a creeper to push the rear part of the trans up and then down; pop- its in, sweet! I'm psyched, the hard heavy part is done!Loosely installed the trans bolts so it the final engine mount can be installed.When the bolts are in we can now install the last engine mount.Yea! We have the 1.8 installed!- now to start hooking bits and stuff up, getting it wired, making up coolant hoses and well, it should be easy right?Spent a hour more adding the A/C and P/S back on the engine and I'm gonna call it a day. Got alot more done than expected which is a good thing. It'll be great to feel what this beast goes like!

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