Sunday, December 2, 2012

Suzuki Progress

 Wiring is almost completed, still to do; switched Headlight Relay box.  Should soon be ready for the smoke test. Harness is a total hand crafted one off with independent High/low lamp power supply.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ewarts fuel tap cork repair

I sent these pictures off to Tony a few days back when he had a question about a leaky petcock.  I'd run into the same problem with the MSS fuel taps a few winters ago.  

I remember Floyd G. telling me that he would use a wine bottle cork to repair his petcocks and clutch pack inserts.  Having at it,  I pulled the small screw on the side of the body and withdrew the cork/piston valve assembly. Floyd had the earlier 40's style fuel taps (push/push)  with one side having a hexagon.  this type uses a flat section of cork. Tony and I have the round Ewarts style.

Ed G. had the round type corks for repairing leaky Ewarts taps. It would be interesting to find how to cleanly cut a cylinder out of cork material. I've replaced a several corks in the past few years, mostly from draining the tank dry for winter storage.

Ed's suggestion was to use a punch and knock the brass riveted end back into the pull knob. From that point its a matter of adding the new cork section and tapping the brass back into the knob.  There seems to be enough material to do this a few times.  If your handy with a small lathe you could make a new piston section that threads onto the knob. 

On a side note, Tony found that you can boil the cork piston assembly to get back some life. I've also removed the valves and stored them in a small container of gas when the tank is drained.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New England Velo Owners Gathering in Belmont Mass.

New England Velo Owners at the Fire Station in Belmont 2012
from right to left:
Adam Schoolsky, Tony Dowers, Larry Ronai,Bob Hicks, Geoff Hybertson, Kim Harris,  (kneeling) John  Dolber, Jim Fraser, Judy Mann, Warren Mann, Bill Clark, Richard Freeman, ed DeBarros, Dave Petty

Left to right: Kim Harris, Richard Freeman and Jim Fraser

Tony Dowers and Adam Schoolsky

from left to right: Kim Harris, Richard Freeman, Jim Fraser, Ed DeBarros, John Dolber, Bill  Clark

Judy Mann, Warren Mann and Tony Dowers


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Capt' Chaos' Hack Shack

The shop is busy with catch up projects now with the fall well under way.   Pete is taking on the R60 as I work over the R75. Should be a cool summer.

A few pictures of the 2013 projects under way.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Alter Boys Car Club Jalopy Jamboree 2012

Tony Dowers, a member of the Velocette Owners Club N.A., is also a member of the Alter Boys Car Club. I met Tony for the first time at the larz Anderson European Motorcycle show this past September.  While at the show he had told me that the Alter Boys would be have a show on the following weekend at the Singletary Rod and Gun Club.  Since Singletary is just up the road from my place and having never gone to any real type of car show I thought it would be a nice ride to exercise the Velos and check it out.  The show was everything Tony said and then some more! I suspect they had more than 150 cars and everyone was different than the next.  Sadly I brought the wrong camera with half spent batteries, by the time I was ready to start taking decent pictures the camera had died.  But here are a few pics of what the show was all about. Can't wait to get to the next show! By the way these pictures  do no justice to the show-  it really needs to be experienced.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Velocettes and such at Larz Anderson's European Bike Day 2012

After a quiet  and laid back summer the fall season began early with a September 9th European Motorcycle show at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation.. Traditionally the European show was on Columbus day weekend. However sketchy weather and other conflicting shows challenged the Larz participation. This year's show proved to be a success as the timing works out to be a great way to open for the fall season of shows and riding. Participation seemed to exceptionally high and the weather was perfectly spot on! I would have taken more pictures of the great variety of machines but was more caught up with seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

An old friend Dave Erickson of Erickson's Antique Stoves made it out with one of his immaculate /5 models. Dave has an eye for the original and pristine  and this /5 is about at fine as you find. 

Photo by Dave Petty of DP-imaging

Photo by Dave Petty of DP-imaging
The Velocette community was very well supported this round. Some owners are already members of the VOCNA  but just as many were not.  Lliam Burke of California was supposed to fly back the week  before Larz but stayed on to ride my 1963 MSS.  His MSS is almost identical to mine which him feel right at home.  Another new Velo owner, Bob Hicks was present. Bob received an endurance this spring but he would like to give it a through checkup this winter first.  I was also able to meet other VOCNA members; Warren and Judy Mann, Richard Freeman and Tony Dowers and his stunning MSS with Watsonian sidecar rig.  Another Velo owner, Larry Ronai brought out his Thruxton which took the best of show award. Larry's Thruxton has been in his family since it was new.  All in all, there were about 30 or so Velocette owners throughout the day, quite the support!
left to right:Duncan Kautz, Lliam Burke and Bob Hicks

Left to right: Geoff Hybertson Warren and Judy Mann, John Dolber
Tony Dowers and his stunning 1964 Velocette MSS with Watsonian  Sidecar

Some of the usual suspects (left to right) Geoff Hybertson, Larry Ronai, Lliam Burke, John Dolber, Dick Galvin and Adam Schoolsky