Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A few more Pictures of Floyd Garrett

I thought I'd add a few more pictures of Floyd. Please read my previous posts on Floyd. Feel free to use any photos.


Tim said...

I've met Floyd several times, at Triumph Day and the runs in New Hampshire. A fine Velo fellow. My condoleances, Tim from Montreal.

Emmet said...

is that a Belstaff jacket on the ferry? very dapper!

Rhynchocephalian said...

Yes, Floyd always rode with his Belstaff. When it became tatty (he had around 2 or 300,000 miles on Mac) David Carter, a friend of his from England sent a Belstaff as a replacemnet. For the most part; Floyd, that tank bag, the Belstaff and Mac... that is the New England Zen. A state of being- timeless in mind.