Sunday, June 10, 2012

The 34th British Motorcycle Meet Auburn Mass.

Well the weather wasn't supposed to be the best for the 34th British Motorcycle Meet on June 3rd in Auburn Massachusetts. Rain had been a constant most of the week and with a forecast of rain into Saturday night late- possibly Sunday morning, the show seemed to be bleak.  Even I thought to call Mike and tell him that if he didn't want to ride the MSS or even go to the show, that it would be just fine with me.

Sunday morning with one of the most glorious temps and light clouds. It was just about perfect for a ride and a show! In fact, Mike had told me the night before that he would drive down in his car rather than use the bike.  But as 9AM rolled around I heard the gentle burble of a BMW boxer rolling down my driveway.  Mike had said that he caught a few little sprinkles as he left but other than that it was clear clean sailing on Rt140 to my place.

Mike and I took a brief run up the Central Turnpike into Oxford and then on down 12 into Auburn. Nothing much eventful for this run, though I had some concerns as the Clubman MkII needs a new drive chain. We arrived about 11AM.  Not many bikes had arrived yet. however as the day progressed it would seem that many people were psyched out by the weather forecast. In general the field was a little light on the participation side.

A few Velocettes were present, Adam Schoolsky brought out his immaculate 1970 Venom Clubman. Geoff Hybertson was still working on the 46' MAC so that didn't make the show. But he did bring out his son Matthew to experience the British scene. I'd spoken to other Velo enthusiasts who came out to support the show; Though I just missed Jim Fraser by a bit as he had showed up after I had left. To those that were unable to make the show either by schedule or mechanical reasons, we spoke about a relay concept between members to continue improving Velocette awareness in the Northeast.  The Velo community is quite strong out here in N.E but we're working at making it stronger!.  There's the thought of a small gathering or rally for East Coast members in the works for August. Those with thoughts, ideas or comments about this feel free to chime in!
Our usual suspects; from left to right, Geoff  and Matthew Hybertson, Adam Schoolsky, and Mike Suss.

As the day progressed quite a few owners did brave the misaligned weather report. here are a few pictures my favorite machines...
1943 BSA WDM20 Engine

!943 BSA WDM20

1951 Sunbeam S8 Engine

1951 Sunbeam S8

1952 Triumph TR5

1952 Triumph TR5

1952 BSA M31

1954 BSA Bantam D3

1957 Triton

1961 Matchless G12 CSR

1962 Norton ES2

1962 Triton custom that took four and a half years to build

1963 BSA Goldstar Engine
1963 BSA Goldstar

1966 BSA Royal Star A50

1966 BSA Spitfire

1968 BSA Shooting Star

1969 BSA Rocket III

2001 Triumph Tiger with sidecar


Emmet said...

I saw that same '62 triton custom at Rhinebeck. So much detail-did you see the popout centerstand lever? I walked away knowing I need to use metal mesh for my next project!

Rhynchocephalian said...

No, didn't see the side stand- I'll have to review my other pictures of it. It was so way over the top, really cool and sharp craftsmanship. Sad that I missed Rheinbeck. Always next year.