Sunday, May 5, 2013

The stories we could tell

'So if you're on the road tracking down here every night
And you're singin' for a livin' 'neath the brightly colored lights
And if you ever wonder why you ride this carousel
You did it for the stories you could tell'
-Tom Petty

 It occurred to me that in this moment we call life, a blink in the universal eye of time; in this moment we have to be the presence that we shall be remembered. What are we remembered for? how do we affect the people that we touch? And what is it that they will tell others about who we are? Today found me travelling into Connecticut for the memorial service of Andrew Cody Sasser.

Having not met him but being surrounded by people who were touched by his being. Hearing tales of laughter and how he brought happiness and the joyous presence of life itself. Through knock knock jokes and card games he made his presence. In his short lifetime, laughter and happiness seemed to be central themes.

From this I've observed how important that life is about loving the people that
surround you. They are the mirror of our existence, they will speak volumes of our
nature and of who we are. Yet I've never met you, I thank you for teaching me this valuable observation. Rest easy now my friend.

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