Saturday, August 10, 2013

The CAFE CONVERGENCE- what a ride, what a rush!

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If you wanted to find me Saturday August 10th, you'd have to be at the Cafe Convergence. After almost two weeks of illness I'd had enough. Missing shows, meetings, friends and even family events; it had taken a toll on my psyche.  I needed wheels under foot and I needed to be at the Convergence; no questions, no doubts!

With a mad dash between computer, road gear, and a quick scramble for a route list the clock ticked way too close to my departure time of 9AM. At 8:30 the bike still needed fresh fuel and a quick Check over. However the computer had no opperational printer this meant a frantic (but focused) search for a CT-RI-MA map.  There is a lot to be said about the freedom of a unprepared solo run.  

Its funny when you know what time you need to leave some place only to find its a tad behind where you wanted to be. Waiting for a break in the traffic, a glance at a nearby bank clock said I needed to cover 80 more miles of uncharted roads in an hour to make the arrival time of 11AM.

 A rip down 395 to exit 91w, follow 6 to 66 and then get lost for a bit trying to 9 and 99. The good point was bringing a real, tangible folded paper map!  I'd already compared notes with Google map images and marked the key points with stars so ball parking was the order for the day. It all worked out even with a fuel and rest stop; because an out of place Ducati meant to me that the start point was close! Made it with 15 minutes to spare. 

The ride was quite impressive from beginning to end. It was one of the largest group rides I'd had been on (well over 100+? after the midpoint meet-up at the Bach Dor Pub) note: too many different ways to spell that place! It was great to see so many members from the BIA at the midpoint! (John, Al, Joe, Bill, Johnny, Dave and Dennis from the CT-BIA). So many different bikes and people to meet. 


After  a short fuel up and some light refreshments the group got back onto route for Providence R.I.   All in all the ride wasn't too fast and ran into very few problems-  if any.  At one point on the second part of the ride I was up close to the lead group but pulled over to watch the riders go by in safety. The total run was very well organized as organizers had back markers making sure no one was left behind.  It'll be fun to do it all again next year. What would really be cool is to ride all 6 states meeting other cafe groups and clubs  [Hardford- Middletown-New London-Providence-Worcester-back].  

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