Sunday, October 6, 2013

European Motorcycle Day 2013 at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation

Rush, Rush, Rush.  Its a mad scramble to get out the door and on the road today!  My head is a jarbled contusion of fixed events, each one a remedial pre-inspection chore out of sequence.  Each thought, another process that must be completed for a successful day's events!   Stop-  back it up and slow it down.  This was what would be a day of mixed highs and lows; the highs, a day filled of motorcycles and friends-  the lows?  Well that would be fleeting moments never to be captured fully for a good transmission of the twenty first show.

Lliam Burke flew in from California a few weeks earlier to help ride one of my Velos to Larz.  However, he would be relegated to riding the BMW hotrod as there was very little time to prepare even one Velo.  My other good friend Mike Suss came out that morning to ride into Larz with us.  This would be Mike's first ride to Larz.Both Mike and Lliam were ready and waiting roadside while I was preparing the MSS for a quick sprint for fuel.  The BMW was also needing fuel so no haste was spared as the MSS tore up the drive to the street.  In a quick, abrupt stop for Mom's photo I slipped the clutch a few seconds only then to tear down the street and make a quick fuel stop.  It was already 45 minutes later than I wanted to know about.

The MSS was the first bike into the pump and not needing much in a way of fuel, I rolled it up and out of the way so Lliam could run the BMW next to the pump and put it all on the same tab.  For some reason this seemed to be a time saver in my mind-  though, whether of not it really wasn't important. The day would prove that there is always time to do all that you want.

The ride was generally run route into Brookline via Route 9 from the West.  The interesting thing about Larz and the Route, as you near, convergences happen. Bikes that you don't normally see filter into the traffic around you. And even if in mind its not normal for you to see Moto Guzzi MkIII while  riding a 750 bonneville, all seems to be building to a Grand entrance on Larz.   Here are a few images that caught my eye.


Andy B said...

Here are my photos from that day.
And my google album from the ISDTRR

Rhynchocephalian said...

I followed your links Andy, quite a stellar set of pictures. Even saw the Pettengill set as well. All are worth a look see!