Monday, December 16, 2013

Velo Scrambler tear down

A bit more cleaning and inspection has been going on to find what needs attention on the 67 Scrambler. The biggest fore front problems are lack of compression, fork issues, two oil pump screws broken in the case and heavy corrosion on the rear wheel. Ed G suggested to continue the field strip and inspect everything.

After the initial inspection it seemed as if a mouse had packed his winter foraging into the straight pipe causing a large nut to wedge into the exhaust valve.  The tear down to inspect the vales and seats brought forth a few more surprises. Though, there really are no surprises when working on old motorcycles, its all about greeting the next un-experience challenge. 

Cool coil spring conversion

Two different push rod units?

 It will be interesting to see what is under the timing cover and why the last person in the engine might have needed two different push rods.  With the rocker box removed the head revealed a clean coil spring conversion. Only a tad of wear was seen on tip of the intake valve stem.  In the line of thought provoking punches were the head bolts; three refused to come out easily.

The velo design has four threaded stud sockets which thread into the top of the engine case. Into these four sockets thread the four barrel head bolts. The head bolts have slots cut for installation simply by screwdriver. I've heard of horror stories of seized head bolts needing to be cut with a short section of saw blade.   In this instance, I was greeting with two sockets that backed out of the case with the head bolts.  To over come this they were screwed back in, heated and sprayed with a penetrating/oil mix.  I locked onto the socket with vice grips and used a impact to get one of the studs spinning.  The second one will have to wait until the magneto is removed to used the vice grips.

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