Sunday, January 5, 2014

More snow. more time for motorcycles

Kept on procrastinating this past week even though there was time to play with the machines. Each time I'd get into the workshop there would be some other small detail that needed to be address first.  Papers needed sorting, a rack need to be setup and hold parts and just about anything that could get in and break the focus - did.    
The head got sent out to Ed G. for  evaluation on the guides and seats. The mag followed suit for a re-gauss. The mag bearings cleaned up very well, so that was a good thing.  But a better examination of the forks found that the upper triple clamp has a half inch crack directly in the middle.  Not sure whether I can find a set of good triples or come up with a different front end.  Prior to my pulling it apart the previous owner said it was fitted with a Ceriani front end. Could be the Ceriani was a replacement due to the crack....   The triples had been chrome plated in the past, maybe hydrogen embrittlement? who knows.. 
With a little more dancing that was expected due to a non- standard chain case bolt fouling the frame  upon removal, the Chain case open easy enough.  The gasket was quite dry and the felt o-ring that rides over the clutch unit was missing.  All the engine bolts except the upper rear most one have been removed.  After the oil tank lines are documented for routing the tank will come off and the engine can then come out.  Gotta get my act together if its to be ready for this spring.

On New Years Day the Norton was dropped off.   With it now in the shop I can give it a better going over.  A few small things here and there; missing timing cover bolt, battery is not very happy and the shifter needs to be address.  Mike S. will be coming by to give me a few pointers and I've called out to other Norton fellows as well.  More learning curves to go and get onto.