Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Autobahn

There's alot to be said about New England driving and riding but when it comes to the best season autumn wins hands down. You really feel alive rolling down an uncharted back road, top down and just enveloped in the moment. Fond memories of gear oil and Triumphs and MGAs as the leaves were falling in the crisp woodsmoke scented air. Watching stonewalls and oak trees glide by as the glorious engine drones a power note.

Here are a few pictures of the perfect modern all around autumn roller. This is a 1994 Mazda Miata that belongs to a good friend of mine. It'll get you all the sensations a crisp British sports car of the day- without all of the niggling British problems. With a 1.8l engine- bolt action, manual steering for crisp response at all times:, a basic no trouble machine. All of the mods he's decided on have been spot on; suspension, brakes, sway bars, extra gauges and nice sneakers.
These pictures are right after I installed his Hard Dog roll bar. The install took a bit longer than I thought it would, but some things just can't be rushed. Hard Dog could used a little more time with a tech writer for their install PDF. On the other hand they definitely took good time to create a solid product. Welds are spot on an fit is right on, allowances are good too (nothing is perfect in every chassis). If you install measure three times and cut slowly. You really need to have a small 90 degree drill setup and good sharp drills.
Its too bad that I'm not as good with working with the carpet material. Would love to make it perfect in every way. He'll get it right, he always does! enjoy the pictures! And if you like the pics, try your hand at a Miata just a great little machine!

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