Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting to grips with Clip Ons

Its taken a few years to get to this point, but the first sets are done! Living in a hole in the wall and in New England modified BMW parts are not very accessible. If you want it, then you've got to make it. These are my home made Bars for any 1970 to 1988 BMW twins with nickel plating rather than chrome. The nickel gives it a more 'traditional' look of old world BMW quality. Not that any of the post 1970 BMW have any similarity with the hand built pre 1969 BMWs.

This is theR75/5 Woody bike sporting the original prototype bars [P1]. The drop was fine but the offset caused the original BMW switches to strike the tank. Not a real big problem as the first machine was a run and bump but it would get your attention when the horn would sound!
Another, but not great view of the prototype set. The wing nut?, that was the ignition switch for the Woody bike.
This is the Hot Rod sporting the second prototype bars [P2]. As you can see from this picture, the posture is not as radical as one might think. I'm 5'6" and the bars are quite comfortable for the good 150+ mile ride. The drop is the same as the [P1] bars but the offset is just forward of the fork tubes. This gives the clearance for using Stock BMW switch gear.
A side view of the Hot Rod with [P2] bars. I'll be starting on the next Hot Rod machine for the Nickel plated bars!

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