Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playing with the velocette KSS model

Had some time after dinner tonight to go and play with the latest editions to the shop. Several Velocette KSS bits found their way from Ed Gilkison's toy shop.

The first item at hand was the timing case, I had a Lucas K2F kicking about the shop so it seemed perfect to fit it. A bonus was that there was a nut and bolt on the Lucas; this completed the three nuts needed on the timing case. the whole unit bolted right up. Looks interesting; it could be made to work though it might not be as good looking as a K1F mag.Also had a 10TT9 on the shelf for a spell. I picked these up for the MAC projects but there are three different sizes in my collection and they all are in various states of completeness... aka missing bits or wrong bits. First thing first, checked the bore of the KSS head intake. It was running 1 and 5/32 open. Next checked the 10TT9... Bingo a match! Found two bolts to connect the two after a little more digging. It looked as if a BMW /2 carb spacer block would fit; and it does.Well fitting things that were hanging around the shop seems to work so i kept with it. I had two old valves from the MSS engine that Ed rebuilt for me back a few years. Plopped them in and yup... they would (or could) fit with some work. The intake was real close. The exhaust was not so much.Even a used BMW R100 valve guide showed some encouragement towards making things happen. So all in all, nice that its moving forward and just with things hanging around the shop...

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