Friday, August 19, 2011

S90 Honda cafe racer project

The blog has been lacking to all sorts of projects going on. Hopefully time will open up so as to allow me to add a few more developments on other projects. As it stands, the Miata project is almost finished. The velocette projects are in process as parts keep showing up. Two new projects have come into the shop; a Suzuki T500 racer and a 1956 BMW R50. The Suzuki is an old race bike that will be converted to street legal operations with lights, directional lamps, horn and brake lights. The 56' boxer needs just a spruce up and slinger cleaning.

With all that going on there is one little project that keeps being put to the side, the S90. Well this week the wheels that were send out to Buchanans arrived! I've been looking forward to their arrival, having never seen a flanged aluminum rim mounted to a S90 in person. Many photos look cool so I just went with it. I stole a few minutes at the bike shop to mount the 2.75x18 Michellin Gazelle M62 on them. Oh do they look fat!- can't wait to feel them on the street! The next step is the engine and that I'm on the fence about. Its either build up a bitza or buy a 140cc unit to bolt in. we'll see which comes first....

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Kelly Tapper said...

Those look amazing! can t wait to see them on the bike